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I am a user of Ariston (Italy) water heaters since more than 28 years, whereby the product was of superior quality, durable for more than 12 years without any spare parts replacement, regretfully the quality has deteriorated remarkably, I have a water heater 80 liters, the tank started to leak in less than 6 years (10 years guarantee), another one 15 liters,the tank started to leak in less than 5 years, right after replacing the safety valve by the agent, also changed the thermostat last year (10 years guarantee) both heaters are titanium plus, we are facing a very poor agent maintenance service in Cairo, you feel like dealing with unskilled plumbers, no responsible.

I tried to talk to any responsible person in Alexandria (Ariston heaters Egypt agent office) but failed, even I tried to call the agent personally ( Mr. yehyia gadeen) since 2 weeks and I sent him several messages to his personal Egypt mobile (201271271144) explaining the situation in full details(messages confirmed received) but he does not answer the phone at all, he ignores the customers complaints, no response, no attention, even no delegation to his subordinates, very poor and unacceptable attitude from a large company (Ariston) agent in Egypt. To whom should I complain.

I wanted to write a complain to the consumers protection official department in Cairo concerning this case, however I prefer to approach Ariston company in italy before proceeding with this procedure.

Would appreciate handling my complain seriously from your side and provide me with your feed back and solution, as I consider Ariston company as a huge establishment world wide having a wide great history in house appliances field.

Thanks for your understanding, regards.

Name: Hany Hamouda

Egypt Mobile: 201223462541

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Same here, I have experienced the same failure and the same ignorance from B-Tech and Ariston in general - the best solution is to trhow it away and get another one and let them live with this failure till the just lose the entire marketshare and leave egypt