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I bought Ariston washing machine on Feb 2008 since that day i have lost a big number of my valuable clothes because Washing clothes were torn by the washing machine and i made about 5 customer complaint but the technician couldn't fix the problem, last time the Egyptian agent(B.Tec stores)took the washing machine to fix it and when they bring it back I found it has the same problem with additional 2 new problems which was Leaking during the operation of the washing machine as well as the interruption during the the work program for a period of not less than half an hour and then begin to work again I call the technician who told me that that he did all what he can do and he will write a report to the management of the company , the company refused to exchange the ruined machine with a new one although I have a guarantee 10 years for the machine Against manufacturing defects , i don't know how to get my rights from the agent.

Please I need somebody from ariston company to interfere to solve my problem with their agent In Egypt

My name : Nadira Anwar Mobile 002 012 394 77 53


Or :

Monetary Loss: $590.

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Almost 5 years ago I bought an Ariston dish washer for my wife as big gift in her birthday, we were very happy that time to have such a good and expensive product from Ariston. just after one year the machine had worned out and was not worked properly, called the and couple of *** engineers and checked up the machine, but unfortunately could not fix the problem and they decided to take it to the work shop at cairo, that cost me some of 100 pounds, no worries, 3 weeks later they brought back the machine in meserable situation and told me that needs a new program pannel, and that cost me some of 1200 pounds, I said no problems, just do whatever you want to do but get the machine fixed and work again, long time and hundreds of calls I have done, but no good or even respectable response, just promising and no action had been taken till now and I am still have this dead machine not working since last over 3 years, I was really pissed off from this treating from a big company like ariston and tried to get contact with the origin company in italy to complaine that over the Egypt agent, raelly was very bad, but recently decide dto give a try once again to ask you very kindly to get in contact with me and fix my machine whatever it cost me, please I ask you but even I big you to take an action over this crises and come back to me and do your job to fix my machine, hopefully this time and after long time suffering my recall will be heared and find the enginner call me to fix and repaire the machine, I can not buy another one at time, so please get my wife return here happiness by fix the machine, she became very old and tired to wash the dishes and containers by hand amd we live in meserable situation eversince the machine malefunctioned..thanks and appreciated your great concern this time........premature!!!!! mobile:01005244406



Thank you guys for these valuable information, i changed my mind !


عليكم بجهاز حماية المستهلك و رقمه موجود بالدليل 140 و لكم الله


I have a bad experience also I bout a gas heater on April 2011 which not work good any more I contact them many time but they are perfect to spend the time finally we need a spare part which it is un available ,I try to *** tat thir principle in Italy who dasnot have a direct way to contact them really I try to call them by phone who have any advice for me please


they also thieves machine stoped during the 2 years gurantee the technician came and told me it needs power card which is 1500 L.E but you wont pay anything cause you r in the 2 years gurantee , after a week he came and fix something has no connection with the card and made me sign that he changed the power card to steel it for another customer ...they are theives phone 01223571051 /


i had a bad experience too from B.tec ,i bought an Ariston washing machine it didn't work well ,the technician came like 5 times ,they took &return it back with the same problem.


i wanted to buy ariston washing machine , but after all above, i would rather use my hand in washing my cloth


Believe it or not! My Gas Hob corrosed when soup felt on it, the customer care didn't respond to my complain although I have guarantee 2 years against manufacturing defects

#303840 is a very good place for selling products but unfortunately its the worst company ever that do maintenance. They don't hire professionals and they really don't care about the after sale customer support.

My Ariston washing machine was damaged in the front due to water wear, can you believe that ?!!


i have another problem with the same agent they replace a part of the washing machine and they asked for 1500 L.E for this part which is about 45% of its price this part looks like a motherboard , i don't know the name in english but in arabic they say karta ,(by the way its ariston also )

please if any one knows the web site of ariston in italy please contact me


if you have the purchasing invoice, call customer protection at 19588

they will handle it seriously and legaly follow your cases


ana m3ake ana grbt elsakhan bta3ha we t7fa


la ya gma3a ana we goze eshtrnaha we shaghala kowayes awe awe :zzz


Ariston Wanter heating has about 3 companies sau they are the agent in egypt i tried one of them which was a bad experiance then called ariston with no replay exept follow that link after that a mail reatched me from a company say that they are the agent :zzz ,phoned them and asked where is you adv. said Ariston dont pay.

till now no body came to change the magnesum bar


One more victem of ARISTON products, I own a dryer machine of this bloody brand, tried with B-TECH to do the maintenance for it with no success at all.

After so many visits to the headquarter in Nasr City, Cairo and a very lot of debates from their side I've been told that they will do it as "FAVOUR"from their side with a cost of more tha 50% of the new one's price...

The most funniest thing is the period will be taken for that project is 45 days.


can somebody beleive that on earth??????


Mobile: +2010 5666 141


The worst agent in Egypt is Ariston. They have spoiled my fridge and washing machine because of unexperience people they send to your home and taken from me a lot of money.They have spoiled the machines completely costing approximately LE 11,000 due to their unexperienced stuppid technician although the machines were only 5 years old

My email address is :


i need yr egency in alexsandria if u can help me with telphone nober and adress


Address: Villa 676 b(Katemiya Heighits)

I have taken an appointment from the Agency through the phone # 37085134 to fix my Washing Machine and they promised to come on Thursday from 4-7pm, no body come and I am trying to reach them with no luck